About The Ontario Manufacturing Learning Consortium

The OMLC is a non-profit service entity supporting manufacturing firms and their industry associations by focusing and acting as a single source of expertise and programming for selection, training and development and certification of employees, and including information about careers in manufacturing.

By acting in a collaborative manner, the OMLC can garner the attention and commitment of the Ontario Manufacturing sector to use its economies of scale in addressing HR supply and demand challenges and the use of industry approved certification where collective planning and action will benefit all manufacturing sectors.

Programming will be provided within this framework:   

  • Based on competencies
  • Learning objectives expressed as outcomes
  • Learning will be monitored as it occurs; certified upon successful completion
  • Delivered in a collaborative manner between industry and educational institutions
  • Offered in a variety of learning media

The OMLC supports a system for recognizing learning achievements by employees that:

  • is defined by industry, based on required competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities)
  • supports their performance and career development through connected pathways for learning progress (ladders and bridges)